Income Tax


- Max 5 info slips (T3, T4, T5)
- Does NOT include any pre and/or post assessment review, or audit support with CRA (available at additional cost if required)

- Must be in high school or post secondary school (includes T2202A form); must be under 21 years of age
- Includes T4’s from part-time/summer jobs
- Should file returns to create future RSP contribution room & collect HST credits, and Trillium Tax Credits (if applicable)

- Over 65 yrs, with basic CPP / OAS income
- Does NOT include investments, charitable donations, medical or income splitting (must move up to SILVER)

No meeting, pick up and drop off only. Maximum two-week turnaround time for filing


- Basic return with Max 5 info slips (T3, T4, T5)
- SENIORS with income splitting & investment slips


- Up to 10 information slips

- Charitable Donations
- Medical Receipts
- Union Dues
- RRSP Income/contributions
- Student Loan Interest
- Tuition & Education Amounts
- Child Care Expenses
- Support Payments
- Pension Income Splitting
- Amount for Eligible Dependent


INCLUDES everything above in GOLD Service, plus:
- UNLIMITED information slips & receipts
- Employment Expenses (with totals provided)
- Foreign Pension
- Simple investment reporting (buy/sell of shares, etc) which include T3’s, T5’s or T5008 accompanied with realized gain/loss report. All other investing is considered complex and is priced separately.

Additional Services


Rental Property Income

  • Price is for preparation of T777 form and review of expenses
  • Totals must be provided for each expense category. If receipts provided, an additional bookkeeping price will be assessed
  • Request our Rental Property Report to assist you prepare your records!


Self Employed/Business Income

  • Price is for preparation of T2125 form and review of expenses
  • Totals must be provided for each expense category. If receipts provided, additional cost will be applied for sorting and tallying
  • Request our checklist to help you prepare your records!


GST/HST Return

  • Calculation of GST/HST Remittance or Refund, based upon completion of Business Income Return (above)
  • Includes online filing with CRA


T1 Adjustment

  • For current or prior year, to include missed slips, or changes to tax situation


Notice of Assessment Copy or CRA Contact

  • Reprint of NOA from CRA website for current or prior years
  • Contact CRA via phone for information on your behalf
  • Contact CRA website for information on your behalf
  • If you have selected PLATINUM Service, this is included


Pre or Post Assessment Review

  • You receive a letter from CRA requesting further information to substantiate your tax credit request
  • We will prepare a written reply and provide information requested from your tax return, on your behalf
  • Follow up, as required, to close review
  • If you have selected PLATINUM Service, this is included; Should you receive a letter, just get us a copy and we will take care of it for you.


RRSP Planning

  • Pre-return preparation the purpose of RRSP planning before RRSP deadline
  • Estimated based on the information you can provide at the time
  • In person meeting
  • Price is per return/person


T4 Slip Review

  • For current or prior years, we will review of all information slips on file with CRA at the time of preparation to ensure you aren't missing any slips. We will retrieve and print off any missing slips
  • Price is per year
  • ​If you have selected PLATINUM Service, this is included


Disability Tax Credit Application

  • Review of customer circumstances to determine possible eligibility for tax credit
  • Assistance in preparation of CRA Tax Credit Application
  • Filing with CRA, and copy retention at our office
  • CRA follow up
  • T1 Adjustments for the years impacted, up to 10 years max